Gladestry Primary School

For 139 years Gladestry School has played a pivotal role in community life. Founded in 1877 to serve local children, the education pupils receive now is better than ever. The quality of education is exceptionally high and is recognised as “outstanding” by both Powys County Council and the schools inspectorate for Wales.

We Love To Learn (School Motto)

Enthusiasm and motivation are encouraged and children enjoy the responsibility of contributing to the life of the school.  Children are  encouraged and enabled to achieve their own dreams and visions.

We Always Give 100% Effort (School Motto)

The secure and stimulating environment the school provides, values children as individuals and challenges pupils to achieve their full potential both academically and non-academically.

Church In Wales

The school was founded by the Church in Wales and fosters moral and spiritual awareness based on Christian principles and an appreciation of a healthy way of life. The long-standing links with the parish are strong and the part played by the school in the life of the church, including an annual nativity and harvest festival are some of the highlights of the church calendar.

Outstanding Estyn Inspection

The school’s most recent inspection recognised Gladestry as “excellent” stating that; “The school has a strong ethos of continuous improvement that has resulted in consistently high standards over a number of years”, that the “the quality of teaching is consistently high” and that “the partnership between staff and pupils is an outstanding feature of the school”. It also reports that attendance is unusually high and that “behaviour is very good in lessons and around the school”. It concludes that “The school is a very strong learning community” and “provides excellent value for money”.
(view inspection report). The school continues to achieve the highest possible standards.


Powys County Council recognises the teaching and standards achieved at Gladestry as excellent. It uses the school as a benchmark of best practice for other schools within Powys and the work undertaken by the head teacher is seen as exemplary practice within the authority. The head is used by the authority as a mentor and to support and advise on strategy and teaching practice.

Rising Numbers

Parents vote for Gladestry School with their feet – the numbers on roll are rising (25.7% since 2009) whilst numbers in many other schools are falling. The caring ethos and excellent standards of behaviour and work create a nurturing environment in which pupils thrive. An active parent and toddler group in the village is a testimony to the future strength of numbers for the school.

Value For Money

The 2015 school inspection recognised that educating a child at Gladestry School represents good value for money for the council.  The school has low running costs and is housed in sustainable attractive buildings, which are in good condition.




Estyn introduced a new inspection framework in 2010. Gladestry is the first school in Powys to be rated as ‘Excellent’ in all the new framework’s five key judgements; current performance, prospects for improvement and in response to the three key questions; ‘How good are outcomes?’, ‘How good is provision?’ and ‘How good are leadership and management?’



Gladestry Church in Wales Primary School has been working to further its healthy school status. The whole school has been working to achieve the latest Healthy Schools award.


  • Gladestry Scoops Platinum Award.

    Gladestry has been awarded the coveted Platinum Eco - Schools Award in recognition of its green credentials. Congratulations to the Eco-Gang and all the staff and pupils on this great achievement!

  • Pupils Perform for the Bourne Dance Company.

    Key Stage two pupils were invited to perform for the Matthew Bourne Company in Cardiff a dance that they had choreographed themselves.

  • Gladestry receives 'Green'.

    Gladestry is one of only 11 of the 85 primary schools in Powys to be categorised as GREEN under the new Welsh Government categorisation of schools by colour coding. The colour bands are Red - "a school in need of greatest improvement..." through Amber and Yellow to Green - "a highly effective school which is well run, has strong leadership and is clear about its priorities for improvement. These schools have a track record in raising the standards that pupils achieve and have the capacity to support other schools to do better."

  • Children Celebrate "Excellent" Achievement.

    The school and local community came together to celebrate an "excellent" Estyn report at a Hog Roast following the school’s sports day. A Powys County Council spokesperson stated that the school should feel justifiably very proud of its achievement. “It is rare that schools are awarded an excellent judgement for both current performance and prospects for improvement. I am delighted for the whole school community”

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